The amount of copy I’ve written over the years for Amazon Product Listings and 7-Figure Amazon Sellers, has narrowed down my analysis to 4 major selling points. And I’m going to share them with you here.


These rules are what form the very essence of a powerful product listing that is geared to convert browsing keyboard ogglers into happily paying customers.


1. Qualitative
Write better titles. Since Amazon has limits on the number of characters one can use in their product title, making use of every single on is key!
Discover the right keywords by using tools like Amazon Sponsored Products, Merchant Words,Scope, and Google Keyword Planner.
A shopper should be able to buy your product based on the title and image alone!
2. Legitimate
Don’t just say something because it sounds nice. Is there actual validity to what you’re saying about your product? Do research and make sure what’s being said about your products is factual.
Use bullet points to display features and benefits of your product. Buyers will often read bullets and then buy the product before reading the full description.
This is another place to use the right keywords but don’t stuff the listings–this takes away from your product’s legitimacy.
3. Relevant
Your listings need to reach people on a level they will understand.
Descriptions allow you to provide in-depth detail on your product. This is the place to provide technical information to the shopper. Make the language user-friendly and consumer-centric.
Have potential shoppers read your listings’ content and get their opinions. Doing this can help refine your message’s relevance for your target audience.
4. Unique
Make your listings original. It’s OK to be creative. There’s plenty of boring listings on Amazon–don’t let yours be home for content like this. For example, if you’re selling fingernail clippers, don’t give them the same uninspired content typically associated with products like this. Give it some personality and explain the benefits of using them.
Use Amazon business reports to measure your conversion rates. Once you have your essential content in place, you can look at your statistics in the reports and establish a baseline conversion rate for your product.

If you’ve got any questions regarding fixing your existing product listings or rewriting them from scratch, let me know and I’d be glad to offer a free evaluation 🙂


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