I’ve seen so many talented entrepreneurs with immense potential who sadly OVERLOOK the importance of STRONG, PERSUASIVE, and RELEVANT copywriting + content creation!

Usually, it’s one of 3 reasons:

1) They ‘think’ they are good writers and hence can write their own landing page, sales or marketing copy etc.

2) They think their product / service is awesome, hence their target audience will not be affected by the lack or presence of a good copy.

3) They think paying $$$ to a freelancer is not a good investment ( because of point # 2 )

Reality check: “WRITING” and “COPYWRITING” are two DIFFERENT things! Being a great or bad writer has nothing to do with the ‘science’ of copy and vice versa.

>>> Look up some of the HOTTEST selling products online; products whose sales pages contain plain English but COMPELLING copywriting techniques, enabling them to sell like beasts! <<< FACT!

Here are a few personal TIPS from me on how to structure your copy – whatever it may be:

A) Exploit your product’s benefits
B) Exploit your competition’s weaknesses
C) Know your audience
D) Communicate the “W.I.I.F.M psychology” (What’s In It For ME?)
E) Focus on the usage of “you”, not “we”
F) Avoid T.M.I ( Too Much Info)
G) Include CTA ( Call to Action)
H) Cover Yourself ( Disclaimer, Refund Policies etc)
I) Proofread!


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