The Rundown : Who Am I?
I am a driven Entrepreneur, professional Writer, accomplished Author, expert Copywriter,  Persuasive Communications master, and ace Content Creation Specialist with over 16 years of industry relevant experience in:                                   
  • Copywriting, Web Content, Sales & Marketing Copies, Press Releases, Marketing Promos, Advertising Campaigns, White Papers.
  • Newsletters, Email Sequences, Short Stories ( fiction and non-fiction ), Ghostwriting eBooks for paper / hardback and Amazon.
  • Autobiographical Accounts, Corporate Business Plans, Marketing Plans, Business Proposals, Social Media Viral Content.
  • Inter-Media Promotions and a plethora of more writing initiatives + communications solutions.
The Juice – My Credentials:
  • Founder and CEO of Acepreneur — a revolutionary and cutting-edge communications startup; providing coaching, mentoring, training, content writing, copywriting, digital media and publishing solutions for small businesses, upcoming entrepreneurs, aspiring authors and established online enterprises.
  • Founder and CEO of yoloFEED — a new-age viral content rich website that provides relevant content and media on health, wellness, food & nutrition, lifestyle and current events.
  • As a Market Expert Writer at  the internationally recognized Business.com, I passionately write in the areas of business, entrepreneurship, technology and social media trends.
  • As a Syndicated Columnist at Hubspot,  I write on the latest trends and challenges in the realm of Copywriting, Content Creation and Digital Media. I also focus on creative entrepreneurship and social media engagement for small businesses and tech startups through the power of writing and communications in the 21st century. 
Other Publications: 
I’m also a guest contributing writer at other major international, local publications and digital media platforms such as CrunchBase, Business Insider, Copyblogger, Slate.com, Elite Daily, Life Hack and Medium.com
The Philosophy – My Mantra:

Over the past 16 years, my writings have encompassed everything from business and entrepreneurship to commentary and analysis on sociocultural and contemporary consumer trends.

My pieces are anecdotal in nature; something the reader can take away from, thus enriching the reader’s thought process with an alternate view to things. A view that is both refreshing and inspirational.

I believe that: “Words have a special place in this world. They have tremendous power to implement change; change within ourselves and to the mosaic of life that we see around us” 

When my pen is not consuming empty pages, I can be found at the squash court in the middle of an intense provincial-league match, taking long quiet walks to contemplate the mysteries of the universe or looking up new ways to achieve my entrepreneurial goals.

I offer a personalized 1-on-1 coaching and mentorship program called Mastering the Art of Writing“. The program provides focused, strategic, proactive and powerful training on professioanl writing, content curation and authorship. Learn more about it here 


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