Throughout my years as a Copywriting Specialist, Persuasion Expert and Professional Writer, I’ve come across every flavour and niche of marketing one can imagine.


Crowdfunding is no different.

Whether it’s KickStarter or LaunchGood, you essentially are ‘marketing’ yourself and communicating the value proposition of your ’cause’ to global masses.
For a crowdfunding page to be effective, you have to grab someone’s attention in a short period of time, then explain how supporting your project will improve a prospective donor’s life or allow them to be part of something incredible.
One of the most important parts of a successful crowdfunding project is the campaign page, so I’ve compiled my top 3 ACE Strategies that can boost your crowdfunding efforts and meet its goals.
So without further ado, let’s jump right into them!
#1 >> Get Specific <<
No matter what product you are crowdfunding, your campaign page should always be specific. It is utmost crucial for your crowdfunding page to contain every detail necessary for a prospective backer to understand your product.
That means defining what your product is and what it does. It is also important to tell people what your product ‘cannot do’, so they don’t feel cheated once the finished product is shipped to them.
Specificity and clarity get to the heart of one person’s problem, need or desire. And that is really what you’re after when you crowdfund.
You do not want to leave your prospective backers with any questions about your product, because that creates doubt in their minds and makes them much less likely to make support the project.
And one more thing: be very specific about what supporters get from you at each rewards level.
#2 >> Write Attention Grabbing Headlines <<
This one is a no-brainer. 80% of any copywriting is in the headline. When you visit a new webpage, the first thing that catches your attention is the headline, right?
And if the headline intrigues you in some way, you are much more likely to continue reading to find out what the rest of the page has to say.
So how do you create intrigue?
One simple way is to begin with a question or statement that makes readers want to find the answer. For example, if your product is a gadget that can locate remote control devices, your headline could be:
“Do you want an easy way to find that lost remote control?” or, more subtly, “Never lose a remote control again!”
This is a headline that intrigues because most people know the frustration of losing that remote control, and they are likely to keep reading to find out how they can keep from losing it.
No matter how you choose to write your intriguing headline, remember not to give too much away, or people may not continue reading. If your headline asks a question, for instance, make sure the answer isn’t right there in the same sentence, or the reader won’t have to click through at all.
#3>> Include Visually Enticing Video <<
Videos are an outstanding way for you to engage your prospective donors because people often respond to visual images better than text. I’ve written ‘Video Scripts’ in the past for high-ticket entrepreneurs for this exact reason.
At the very least, your crowdfunding video should should show off your prototype and tell viewers why you need their support. This is because videos are also a great way to focus your campaign not just on the product, but on the man behind the curtain: you and your team.
For example, including a video of a brainstorming session about your product design and development gives viewers an inside look at how the product will function and what makes it so cool.
Videos not only give prospective backers a closer look at what you are trying to make, but they also give you the opportunity to humanise your crowdfunding team in a way that can help you connect with people and persuade them to become involved in your ‘dream’.
||** If you need any advice on your current or next crowdfunding project, feel free to comment below or PM me. I’d be glad to offer friendly suggestions or even evaluate for a diagnosis 🙂 **||

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