The Importance of Action Words

The power of words have the ability to sway opinion, entice behaviour, allure the senses, stimulate action and cement loyalty. If used the right way, words can change everything.

Action verbs result in overt behaviour that can be observed and measured by the reader. They give a concise idea of what you ( the sender ) is trying to convey to the audience (receiver). Action words are powerful. They perpetuate the yearning for  action – visually, mentally, emotionally and intellectually in the reader’s mind.

Here is a great list of ACTION WORDS for your Resumes, Business or Professional profiles ( Bloggers, Consultants, Entrepreneurs, E-Commerce Sellers), that I feel everyone can benefit from. 
You can also use them in the Home or About sections of your website, as well as your Webinar pages, Landing Pages, Sales Copies, Blog Pieces, Biographies and more! 🙂



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