“Marketing Intelligence” – What is it?

“Marketing Intelligence” – What is it?

🎖️🔈⚡The Power of “Marketing Intelligence” 🔈🎖️⚡

Your ‘marketing intelligence’ acts as a ceiling that limits the growth of your wealth. As you raise your marketing intelligence, you raise the ceiling on what’s financially possible for you. Your marketing intelligence sets the context for your investment success – or lack thereof.

Here’s how and why…

🚩Your return on investment should improve as you learn how to invest more consistently into yourself and control losses when the inevitable mistakes do occur. That translates into more dollars in your pocket and greater financial security.

🚩Your focus should ensure that those mistakes are never made or atleast minimised so that you enjoy a head-start to the blue-print path that professionals like myself have spent hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars and countless drops of tears and sweat in investing.

⁉️ A little known fact about marketing intelligence is that it grows and compounds just like money. The effect is a ‘multiplicative’ one – not an additive one. Each new titbit of information connects to all the other knowledge which multiplies. It doesn’t just add up, but it grows geometrically by multiplying.

👉 Your goal should be to make regular knowledge-deposits every week into your marketing intelligence account, just like you make monthly deposits into your investment accounts.

💥 When you do this, your marketing intelligence will multiply and grow ahead of the growth in your investment accounts to help create a lifetime of financial security.

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Recently, I closed a ‘single’ Copywriting and Content Curation project by a new high-ticket client from Dubai

Since 2013, here are some tips on how I’ve monetized low, mid and high-ticket offers for my copywriting and content creation services ( including a BBC celebrity who is a world renowned figure in therapy and has appeared on several TV shows including “Freaky Eaters” )

💡 Develop a Positive Mindset
You have to ‘believe’ you deserve a high-ticket fee. If you think there’s too much poverty in the world, and nobody can afford your high ticket service or programs, well, that is what you will get
If you believe you can, you probably can. If you believe you won’t, you most assuredly won’t. Belief is the ignition switch that gets you off the launching pad
💡 Set Your Income Goal
How much do you want to earn in the next 6, 12 months? When you try to do this, you should be holistic.
It really doesn’t matter what the figure is. $10,000 , $100,000, $250,000. No matter what it is, it does not matter. If it’s what you want, then it’s good enough for you.
💡 Identify Problems You Can Solve
As someone who wants to sell high ticket offer, you need to identify problems you can solve for people, faster and better than anyone else.
Seriously, you don’t need to solve a million problems to earn a million dollar. Just solve one, two or maximum, three problems.
💡 Identify Your Best Prospects
Everybody will not buy from you, it’s natural. Everyone isn’t supposed to buy from you, that is totally against human behavior.
However, you need to be able to identify the people who can buy from you VS those will never buy from you, no matter how good your marketing is.
💡 Offer To Help For Free
Be a humanist. Help people for the sake of helping, without any ulterior motives. If you can help people get what they want, you will also get what you want. This is where you begin to do things differently from what everyone else out there is doing.
💡 Ask For The Sale
If you’ve done steps 1-5 without hiccups, then this step should come naturally. Asking for the sale doesn’t mean saying ‘hey, give me yo monies – now!’.
It means reinforcing your value proposition by reciprocating the monetary value of the ‘help’ you’re wiling to extend to someone who ‘needs’ that help. And effectively reassuring them that ‘nobody can provide you this help better than I can!’.

⚡️💸🗝 Hope these tips helped you all! 🙂 If you have any questions on website copywriting, content curation, persuasive marketing, product listings, writing mentorship or more – feel free to PM me!

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“Avoid Accidents on the Marketing Highway – the Ace Way!”

“Avoid Accidents on the Marketing Highway – the Ace Way!”

How to AVOID Serious MARKETING Accidents! (And get home safe, with money in your pockets) 💰🔈🚙🚧✍️🤕

It honestly makes my blood boil when I see talented business owners with amazing products or services, marketing themselves like a person with the intellectual range of a rotting onion.
It’s NOT cool!
💡AVOID Empty Words or Phrases! 🖋️📒
Keeping in mind your readers’ fragility of attention is CRUCIAL! Avoid writing like this:
🔍Example # 1 “Always striving for excellence, from our very inception, a visionary, vigilant, and flexible approach has ensured that we are awake to the exciting possibilities science and technology allow, so that we can offer you beautiful, precise, and high-quality hardwood floors.”
I know. It’s hard to imagine that sentence ever got to see the light of day. Forty-one words that tell us absolutely nothing. But yes, that’s a real example, taken from the wild.
Here’s another one:
🔍 Example # 2 “These changes reflect our view that tighter integration and closer collaboration between our teams is a critical component of sustainably growing our business. While this process has required us to make some really tough decisions, we believe that rigorously ensuring our team structure always aligns with our goals will make us stronger.”
This is what they were trying to say … (in my own words, not theirs):
“Yeah, we had to fire some people.”
The point being, all that blah blah blah is a great way to drive people away! 😱
Long phrases and sentences with almost zero meaning instantly dilute your readers’ interest and attention.
They don’t have time to listen to your life story. Just as you don’t either. See the human commonality? You are selling to HUMANS. Not Drones or Robots.🤖
SPEAK the human language. And get home safe without colliding with other onion-minded peeps on the information highway! 🛣️


Throughout my years as a Copywriting Specialist, Persuasion Expert and Professional Writer, I’ve come across every flavour and niche of marketing one can imagine.


Crowdfunding is no different.

Whether it’s KickStarter or LaunchGood, you essentially are ‘marketing’ yourself and communicating the value proposition of your ’cause’ to global masses.
For a crowdfunding page to be effective, you have to grab someone’s attention in a short period of time, then explain how supporting your project will improve a prospective donor’s life or allow them to be part of something incredible.
One of the most important parts of a successful crowdfunding project is the campaign page, so I’ve compiled my top 3 ACE Strategies that can boost your crowdfunding efforts and meet its goals.
So without further ado, let’s jump right into them!
#1 >> Get Specific <<
No matter what product you are crowdfunding, your campaign page should always be specific. It is utmost crucial for your crowdfunding page to contain every detail necessary for a prospective backer to understand your product.
That means defining what your product is and what it does. It is also important to tell people what your product ‘cannot do’, so they don’t feel cheated once the finished product is shipped to them.
Specificity and clarity get to the heart of one person’s problem, need or desire. And that is really what you’re after when you crowdfund.
You do not want to leave your prospective backers with any questions about your product, because that creates doubt in their minds and makes them much less likely to make support the project.
And one more thing: be very specific about what supporters get from you at each rewards level.
#2 >> Write Attention Grabbing Headlines <<
This one is a no-brainer. 80% of any copywriting is in the headline. When you visit a new webpage, the first thing that catches your attention is the headline, right?
And if the headline intrigues you in some way, you are much more likely to continue reading to find out what the rest of the page has to say.
So how do you create intrigue?
One simple way is to begin with a question or statement that makes readers want to find the answer. For example, if your product is a gadget that can locate remote control devices, your headline could be:
“Do you want an easy way to find that lost remote control?” or, more subtly, “Never lose a remote control again!”
This is a headline that intrigues because most people know the frustration of losing that remote control, and they are likely to keep reading to find out how they can keep from losing it.
No matter how you choose to write your intriguing headline, remember not to give too much away, or people may not continue reading. If your headline asks a question, for instance, make sure the answer isn’t right there in the same sentence, or the reader won’t have to click through at all.
#3>> Include Visually Enticing Video <<
Videos are an outstanding way for you to engage your prospective donors because people often respond to visual images better than text. I’ve written ‘Video Scripts’ in the past for high-ticket entrepreneurs for this exact reason.
At the very least, your crowdfunding video should should show off your prototype and tell viewers why you need their support. This is because videos are also a great way to focus your campaign not just on the product, but on the man behind the curtain: you and your team.
For example, including a video of a brainstorming session about your product design and development gives viewers an inside look at how the product will function and what makes it so cool.
Videos not only give prospective backers a closer look at what you are trying to make, but they also give you the opportunity to humanise your crowdfunding team in a way that can help you connect with people and persuade them to become involved in your ‘dream’.
||** If you need any advice on your current or next crowdfunding project, feel free to comment below or PM me. I’d be glad to offer friendly suggestions or even evaluate for a diagnosis 🙂 **||


Have you ever been to Mall of America in Minnesota?

According to their website, “Mall of America features 520 stores, 50 restaurants and attractions galore, including Nickelodeon Universe, the nation’s largest indoor theme park, and the new American Girl store. Plus, there’s no sales tax on clothing or shoes!”

Can you imagine?!


Average malls have about 100 stores. That means the Mall of America has five times as many stores.

Does this remind you of anywhere else? Maybe somewhere in Cyber Space? 


According to Export-X, “Today Amazon sells over 200 million products in the USA, which are categorized into 35 departments.” It’s the virtual equivalent to Mall of America, infact much much bigger. And this is why so many sellers get excited about listing their products on Amazon.

But the size of Amazon is a double-edged sword. While this eCommerce giant brings in millions of visitors a day, it also attracts a ton of competition for the products you list.

So how do you stand apart from all the rest? 

Here are Acepreneur’s top most boombastic 3 tips on crafting powerful Amazon Product Descriptions that make audiences want to lay their hands on your product, like a fat kid in a candy store ( or skinny ones too). 


Tip #1 – Differentiate Your Product

When you go to the toothpaste aisle in a grocery store or drug store, what do you see? Dozens of different products that each have specific purposes. One is for kids and tastes like bubble gum. One is for people with sensitive teeth. Another is for those who want whiter teeth. Some offer a combination: sensitive, whitening with tartar control, etc. It’s easy to find which toothpaste you want because each one caters to specific needs.

This is what your product listings should do.

If you’re bundling, ask yourself what the benefit of the bundle is. Why did you decide to put that particular bundle together? What is the advantage for the customer if s/he buys your bundle instead of the individual items?

Private labelling? You may have the same, exact product as many other sellers. If the rest of them are saying that their silicon spatula set is heat resistant, you could mention a different benefit that others aren’t talking about to set yourself apart. (Perhaps that these are more durable than rubber, they don’t crack or chip, etc.)

Don’t follow the crowd! If you position your items to seem just like all the rest you will make it extremely difficult for customers to make a buying decision. They’ll be stuck looking at a screen and thinking “All these looks just alike. Which one should I buy?”


Tip #2 – When It Comes To Titles; Longer Isn’t Necessarily Better

There is a growing trend that says product titles should be enormously long. I disagree. Not only are 500-character titles against Amazon’s terms of service, but they are also difficult to read. As someone who buys a bunch-o-stuff on Amazon weekly, I can tell you that, when I see a huge title (that is more like a paragraph), I skip it. All the capital letters and pipes and stars and commas… yuck! They all make the title difficult to understand so I just don’t read that part.

Instead of just being long, titles should be clear and enticing. This doesn’t take more characters… it takes talent and skill to think like your customers. Sometimes attracting customers can simply be done with a couple of words. In addition to the things Amazon suggests you include (a brand name, a model number, color, etc.) choose a few handpicked adjectives to differentiate your product such as premium, elegant, 100% natural, etc.

As I said earlier, you want to highlight something that you offer that your competition doesn’t.


Tip #3 – Bullets Should Describe Features & Benefits

Just like with titles, the power of effective bullet points does not lie!

In fact, as I mentioned before, when you create bullets that are too long, the strategy can backfire on you. It becomes a huge blob of text that’s intimidating for shoppers to read. It’s all lumped together (because that’s how Amazon formats things) so when the customer scrolls down, they are faced with nothing but words and very little white-space. Here’s one example.


Yes, bullets are designed to offer features and benefits. My suggestion is to do that as effectively and concisely as possible so you don’t force customers to weed through a boatload of copy that isn’t necessary to make the sale.

Now that you have some ideas going, take a look at your product listings that you have created and see if they need some work?  Sometimes going back with a fresh set of eyes will really help you to see it how the buyer would see it.  Are you confused?  Does your listing look cluttered?  If so, take some time and fix it up.  Better listings equal more sales and often higher prices!


Keep in mind you want to be:

1.    Differentiating your products

2.    Creating enticing titles

3.    Generating benefit-rich bullets that quickly let shoppers know why yours is the option they should buy

This will position yourself as the obvious choice and that always leads to more sales!


If you would like more information on fixing up your existing Amazon Product Listings or creating new ones from scratch with powerful, persuasive and action-inducing SEO and Keyword optimised copywriting techniques, comment below, email me here PM me on Facebook 🙂


Amazon Product Listings – That Sell! “The Secret Sauce”

Amazon Product Listings – That Sell! “The Secret Sauce”

<< The Facts >> 

Amazon is the world’s all-you-can eat buffet of products and any seller or marketer’s throne for kingdom-hood.


<< Importance >>

With millions of transactions every day, an Amazon listing is ‘your voice’ to the world.


<< Solution >>

A powerful product listing copy that converts is crucial to being an A-List Seller. And to put a halt to your sales sucking-spree!


I’ve been copywriting powerful Amazon product listings for some big guns across many different product categories and niches for a number of years.

Here are some Acepreneur ‘Secret Sauce’ Tips on how you can 10X yours today!


Focus on Your Product Title


Just as with Google title tags are very important, but instead of 60 characters you get 195 with Amazon. Also unlike Google, the longer and more detailed the title, the better. With Amazon it doesn’t have to be compelling or grab a viewer’s attention; it just has to give off enough information for someone to make a purchasing decision.

For this reason, using all of the 195-character limit is encouraged. If you look around Amazon, you’ll notice that the products with long, keyword-rich titles outrank those that are simple and clean. Below is an example that shows just that:

Long-Keyword Titles are King of the Jungle!


Now, it can be hard to get used to this after coming from optimization for Google, but it’s an important step. According to an Amazon help page, you should follow a formula to help create your titles. For example, the style for many products may be:

Brand + Model Number + Model Name + Product Type, Color

One example of using this formula for a title would be:

KitchenAid KSM150PSER Artisan 5-Quart Mixer, Empire Red.


Again it’s not the prettiest title and it’s very different than something you would use on Google, but this is how it works on Amazon! You only have to have your keyword appear once in your title (that’s right, keywords in your description are less important), so again, that’s why you see some of the companies above using several different keywords all in one title.

Use Bullet-Point Content Form and Focus on a Description


You often see bullet points for a product on Amazon under the title. This is a great place to add keywords and really show what you’re all about. It’s close to you images and actually appears above the title, so make sure you don’t skip this step. Below shows an example of what the bullet points look like:



Because the bullet point feature is so prominent, sometimes companies get confused about the description and forget to add it altogether (it’s not required after all!). The description still appears it just appears further down on your page.

This doesn’t mean that it’s not as important, it’s just not as important as the bullet point section. I would still add in a description, not worry too much about keywords, and make it detailed but short and sweet all at the same time.

Below shows where the description shows up:


Extra Tip: Avoid Duplicate Content

It may sound obvious, but you have to make sure you remember that all of your product pages on Amazon must use different content than you’re using on your own e-commerce website. Because they are two different search engines a common mistake businesses make is using the same content, the most common example being the description, but this can actually still cause duplicate content issues.

Feeling inspired yet?

If so, comment below, email me or PM me on Facebook any questions or concerns you may have with your Amazon Product Listings. I’d be glad to offer a FREE EVALUATION! 


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