Email is the perfect ’emotional’ delivery vehicle for your message.

Can you get people to open and read them?


Stimulating emails dazzle your target audiences and keep them hooked ‘for more’ like a fat kid loves cheesecake.


Here is an introductory email from a 10-step funnel sequence that I wrote for a client’s outreach campaign. 

This single email made me me $150 USD for a mere 5 mins of work. And that’s just one email out of 10! 

“Good day Dave! In this rapidly evolving global economy where not too long ago we found ourselves in the midst of an economic downturn, the need to exploit opportunities and maintain viable significance in the I.T industry amid the growing competition; remains highly imperative!”
“Moreover, technological ‘barriers to entry’ are one of the biggest reasons why most businesses fail. Technology is a huge differentiation weapon.”
“That is why employing the brute force of modern email marketing, amalgamated with innovative video marketing techniques that ensure a lasting impact on your target audience, is critical beyond words.”
“Dave, my name is Andy Ho and I am the Chief Technology Officer for Hoiste Systems. If you have gotten this far, maybe you are prepared to read on a little more.”
“I’d be honoured to have a quick chat with you over the phone. Click the link below to schedule a personalised session – complimentary and free of charge! [ Link ]”
“Take care, and I hope to hear from you soon!”
Andy Ho
CTO, Hoiste Systems
As you can see, this email demonstrates how to write powerful, emotionally stimulating and mentally persuasive email sequences to one’s subscriber list for higher-conversions.
You might be selling the most boring and impersonal product in the whole planet! That doesn’t matter. You still need master implementing a personal tone in the email communication, drips and sequences to your list!
Remember, people are reading your emails. These people have emotions, a bagel for breakfast, and a 3-year old kid at home. Real folks!
So, write them an email. To them. From you. Personally!
Here’s a basic summary of how to approach prospective clients:
  1. Personal tone
  2. Showcase your knowledge of the industry
  3. Prove your credibility and experience
  4. Hint at how you can help
  5. CTA
Hope this helped! Let me know if any of you need help with your email copywriting, outreach campaigns and funnel sequences to your lists. I’d be glad to help 🙂 
Hit me up at: or PM on Facebook here: Ace
Stay Ace!

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