You might look at $10K right now as a ‘dream’ number.

The same way you looked at candy at age 5 as the only answer to the meaning of life.

But then you grow, and you realise there’s so much more to life’s potential than what you initially thought. Potential that is ‘doable’. Possibilities that are ‘not’ impossible.
In 2015, when I was working a 9 to 5 lucrative corporate career in Supply Chain Management, I thought that my salary was the “best thing” that ever happened to me.
I was earning $68K a year, with 4 weeks vacation, company perks, health benefits and stock options.
However, for the last year I’ve consistently had $10K / month in pure revenue through Acepreneur and its high-end offerings, while my business progressively grows.
Regardless of what you do – whether you’re a Blogger, Content Creator, Copywriter, Amazon Seller, Digital Marketer, Life Coach or everything else under the sun, be SMART.
SMART is a mnemonic favoured by marketers and entrepreneurs alike. It’s a pretty helpful framework for setting goals, and encourages the user to break down the goal into separate tasks, ensuring that the goal in question is:
>> Specific (qualified details of the goal)
>> Measurable (quantified details of the goal)
>> Attainable (achieving the goal is feasibly possible)
>> Relevant (achieving the goal will be positive)
>> Timely (providing a timeline for the goal to be achieved over)
So, after all the above hoo-ha, how does $10K look like to you now? Doable? Don’t be that kid in the candy store that we mentioned earlier.

Remember, your only limitations in life are the ones you place on yourself! Break free from them!

Let that marinate in your head for a bit, and see how it feels! 🙂

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