Your business can be as smart as you, and easily be as dumb as you sound. I’ll say it again.


Your business can be as smart as you, and easily be as dumb as you sound.


In the busy, noisy, loud, competitive and unforgiving world of social media with our large news feeds and distracted attention spans, now more than ever, what you write is ‘who’ you are.

Yes, really! You ‘are’ what you portray of yourself, and in the world of business, you become what people ‘think’ of you as an individual, a professional and as a business owner.
But wait! You have mountains of thoughts and ideas broiling inside of you; beckoning to be unleashed like a volcanic eruption. What about that? All that potential, all that drive, the innovative foresight; what becomes of that?
Sadly, much of it goes to utter waste. And you know what the sad thing is? Nobody cares! Nobody owes you anything. The world does not ‘owe’ you squat!
How do you stand out from the crowd, make the world give a damn and showcase what you’re truly worth?
As a professional writer, content creation specialist and acclaimed direct-sales copywriting ace, I can tell you that words are like the ingredients to a scrumptiously crafted dish.
The spice. The marinade. The aroma. The presentation.
All of those facets combine for a majestic experience that tantalises an audience’s taste buds, captivates their sheer senses with yearning and seductively engulfs them with a succulent suggestion.
“Bite”. That’s the suggestion.
And with the right choice of words, the bite becomes a buffet. A buffet that can feed your business and your personal goals in life till your heart’s content!
>> Think of your website, sales page, landing page, blog, email funnel and everything in between – including your very business – as the bite you want to serve on a plate.
>> If you serve crap food, will the audience take a second bite? Not if you’re sick in the head ( and ultimately wanting to get sick in the stomach too )
>> If you serve delectable, mouth watering and succulent food that consumes the audience beyond every last standing taste bud, will they take a second bite? Hell yeah! They’ll gobble it all up and won’t even bother to burp.

Just like a nicely put together dish with all the right ingredients, your business, website and everything else with it – requires the right mix of elements too.


That’s where persuasive copy and compelling content comes into play.
Here are a few personal TIPS from me on how to structure your copy:
A) Exploit your product’s benefits
B) Exploit your competition’s weaknesses
C) Know your audience
D) Communicate the “W.I.I.F.M psychology” (What’s In It For ME?)
E) Focus on the usage of “you”, not “we”
F) Avoid T.M.I ( Too Much Info)G) Include CTA ( Call to Action)
H) Cover Yourself ( Disclaimer, Refund Policies etc)
I) Proofread!
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