>> MY #1 EMAIL RULE <<

“Create a Personal Tone”

One of the biggest questions I get asked, is how to write powerful, emotionally stimulating and mentally persuasive email sequences to one’s subscriber list for higher-conversions.

You might be selling the most boring and impersonal product in the whole planet! That doesn’t matter. You still need to master implementing a personal tone in the email communication, drips and sequences to your list!

Remember, people are reading your emails. These people have emotions, a bagel for breakfast, and a 3-year old kid at home. Real folks!

So, write them an email. To them. From you. Personally!

The exact tone, however, depends on your audience.

Here are a few Ace tips:

1. Tell personal stories that people can relate to
2. Write as you speak – casually and humanly
3. User personal language – use “you” often
4. Picture a person, while writing.
5. Base email upon reader’s potential pain points + needs
6. Be silly – sense of humour and quirkiness goes a long way
7. End with a CTA ( call to action )

Email marketing is the most powerful form of engagement online, with the highest rates of conversions known to mankind.

If you are stuck with your email campaigns, funnels and sequences, feel free to comment below or PM me in person and I’d be glad to provide suggestions, Insha’Allah!

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