Yes! That’s it. “Yourself!”

You’re not blind; you read that correct.

Every single step you take – small or big – regardless of its relevance or impact, is worth the ‘stride’.

A step take forward – realistically – is in the direction of ‘your’ intent, for the ‘benefit’ of your dreams. Nobody else’s!

I’ve been a globally renowned writer, expert content creator, professional blogger, syndicated international columnist, ace copywriter and experienced written communications coach for over 15 years, while being an entrepreneur since 2014.

And I can tell you one simple truth right now, right here, based on my experience.


( Please leave the popcorn for the Netflx movie later and don’t hang at the edge of your seat either, I’m not revealing my bank account details. Chill! )

Okay fine, enough of the ace-silliness. Here it goes!

‘Growth’ and ‘success’ by their very nature entail hardship, sacrifices and pain. Only people who have the courage to understand and ‘withstand’ those – win and continue winning, while striding forward.

Nobody is going to knock on your door one day and hand you a bag full of ‘happiness’. It has never happened for anyone on the face of the planet since the creation of mankind, nor it ever will.

So stop hoping for something that will leave you old, wrinkly and useless in the short span of time you’ve left on this crumb of a planet.

Take that one small step, and watch how it becomes a giant leap for yourself, your dreams, your aspirations and those you truly love. Try it, I assure you, it won’t be regrettable.

#AceStep <<< where Neil Armstrong sought inspiration for writing letters to the world – while floating like a big white cotton ball in outer space.

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