If you look at the ‘richest’ people in the world, you’ll find that their source of wealth stems from a portfolio limited to ‘distinct’ industries.


Technology (Bill Gates), Real Estate (Donald Trump), Investments (Warren Buffet), Telecommunications (Carlos Slim) and so forth.


It’s almost always the same kind of industries every time!

The reason they are able to cash-in so much, is because they have capitalised on identified ‘areas’ that cater to the basic necessities of human life such as shelter, food and communication etc.
These necessities are inherent to human nature and intrinsic to our genesis as human beings. These were the same necessities that existed even in the cave-man era; where shelter, food and the ability to communicate with one another were fundamental elements of survival.
This proves that human beings are always able to adapt to varying circumstances; but can never disown their true nature. A nature engendered into our genes and embedded into our very DNA. This nature dictates that human ‘needs’ will always remain the same, whereas human ‘wants’ will always change from generation to generation.
People who can successfully distinguish between their ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ – are people who can remain happy throughout their lives – regardless of the circumstances, fortunes or misfortunes, luck or pitfalls that may occur.
Thus – in essence, ‘richness’ is not the abundance of wealth, but the ability to ‘control’ your life in a constructive manner, thereby experiencing consistent happiness through a defined sense of ‘purpose’.
Indeed, God helps those who help ‘themselves’. And part of helping oneself is being able to adapt, improvise and manage the ‘changes’ that we evolve through in life; be it personal or professional! 😊

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