“Sell to the Crowd – In a Crowded Market”

“Sell to the Crowd – In a Crowded Market”


As a Professional Copywriter, Web Content Curator and Digital Communications Specialist with over 15 years of experience in various marketing campaigns, I have worked with all kinds of businesses and the products & services they offer.

Based on the very JUICE of my personal lessons, I can tell you that the trick is helping customers overcome their ‘initial hesitation’ and making your product speak for itself in a befitting manner!

Here are 5 Ace Tips to make your product SELL in any competitive market – regardless of how crowded it is:

1. Showcase Your Advantage: Why are you better than anyone else in the market? Be clear with customers from the start. Perceived advantage is built on factors like greater prestige, more convenience, superior effectiveness or better value for the money.

2. Mirror the Customer’s Routine: How much effort is required for customers to make the transition from a current product to yours? If the cost is more than its relative advantage, most people won’t try the new product.

3. Reliability: Your product should not ‘add work’ for the buyer. Make your product work ‘as intended’ the first time out and every time thereafter. A kink-free garden hose, for example, should be kink free the first time and the hundredth time!

4. Visible Benefits: The more evident the perceived advantages, the more your product will market itself. Example: Apple products clearly communicate world-class design, function, and durability from their packaging alone.

5. Let Customers Try Out: Did you know that modern day tea bags were first used as ‘giveaways’ so that people could sample tea without buying large tins. Now, teabags are a multi-billion dollar industry in and itself! Samples are great for risk-free experimentation. If you can’t afford to give your product away, you can use sites like Gilt.com or Travel Zoo to make enticing offers!

Now go and make those millions happen! Yes, you! Millionaires don’t have horns on their heads ya know! 🙂

Feeling inspired yet?

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