The whole concept of marketing is based on human emotions.

As human beings, we are creatures of emotion. Love, hate, jealousy, fear, pity – all are forms of emotion that make us beings of empathy and intellect.


We use that intellect to make decisions via “free will”. In essence, human behaviour can be controlled if free will can be controlled.

How do you control the free-will? You do so through the power of sheer persuasion!

And words have the ability to ‘fuel’ persuasion via creating beliefs, images, stories and narratives that captivate the heart and consume the mind.

Have you ever felt that you had so much to say about yourself and your business, but couldn’t find the right words?

If you can’t put into words your own sentiments and ‘showcase’ them to the world, how do you expect others to follow?

That is where the power of copywriting and content curation comes in. And I live, breath and even play tennis with those 2 things. It’s my life’s work; and hence I can tell you that without proof of show, the world won’t believe a word from you.

Copy is King. Content is Queen and Marketing is the marriage!


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Ask me any copy or content related questions you have and let’s rock! 🙂


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