Research has shown that constant social media usage results in depression, sense of isolation (ironically), low self-esteem and feelings of jealousy.

I would not doubt that for a second. Look at our news-feeds. Everything you see on a given day more or less has the following themes:
– Terrorism
– Islamophobia
– Racism
– Sensationalism (making a storm out of a fart on the most trivial of things )
– Conformism ( social standards of beauty and appearance )
– Materialism ( shopping must-haves )
Just to name a few.
Moreover, the scariest part is that this is precisely the world we live in when looked at from a macro perspective. These are realities of our social spheres, our communities and our sheer existences.
Social media is the digital ‘pulse’ of our absolution as inhabitants of this planet. While it has brought us closer on paper, it has detached us from our identities to a point where ‘news-feeds’ bring more perspective to our lives than real life individual experiences.
So how do you take charge of your identity, your life and your entrepreneurial aspirations in the midst of all this?
You become a revolutionary, and not a reactionary. That’s how!
>> A reactionary is someone who operates on the ‘reflex action’ to internal and external changes to the environment, thus being entrapped in a constant cycle of trying to self-validate themselves through the many challenges and pitfalls they face in their livelihood.
>> A revolutionary on the other hand is someone who takes these internal and external changes, refuses to be a zombie ‘conformist’ to them, ‘manages’ the trials and tests thrown at him and ‘carves’ out his own path leading to an aspired goal – regardless of the thorns on the way.
Thus, social media can be either used to deplete your abilities through the destructive psychological and intellectual effects it poses, or to leverage it in a manner where you see opportunity within those constraints and parameters without being bogged down.
Read books, attend conferences, talk to people and open your mind to a point where the world and its opportunities are endless to you, instead of being enslaved within a bubble.
That is how great entrepreneurs think, and that is how they become revolutionaries.
Are you ready to become one?
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