For every day that you take your 9 to 5 office routine as an inherent ‘norm’; there is an ambitious, swashbuckling entrepreneur half your age making 10 times more money in a single month than you ever will in a lifetime.

It is in our intrinsic human nature to get mulled into a repetitive cycle of ‘familiarity’. That familiarity becomes a rusting ‘comfort zone’, just as a river without moving water soon becomes stagnant with discoloration, bad odour, and undrinkable palatability.

You will never know what your fate beholds if you do not embrace the possibilities that your destiny has in store.
Life is very brief and the window to become something while leaving a lasting legacy of your existence on this planet gets smaller with every day that passes.
Get your grind on! You have something to offer to the world and change lives in a profound way, while in the process unravelling your own true worth. You know you do.
There is not a single human being on this planet that does not ‘believe’ in something. And when you believe in something, you harbor some level of inclination or passion for it.
Even Atheists believe in something, despite proclaiming that they do not believe in God or a higher power. That assertion itself comes about through ‘free will’; a trait only present in human beings, thus proving that in order to reject something you still have to believe in something.
Human beings with no belief are the dead ones, found 6 feet under the ground.
Don’t end up as a rut-rat. Be alive. Become! ✔️ ➡️ where you enter, embrace and empower your own ‘self-worth’ and that of your business to heights and distances – beyond those of a rut-rat.

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