If you’re an entrepreneur, an online business owner, a coach or a consultant, your ‘ABOUT US’ section is:

> Your ‘voice’ to the world
>> Your ‘value-proposition statement’ to possible buyers / clients
>> Your chance to uniquely ‘differentiate’ yourself from competition
>> Gets your point across
>> Gives the ‘information’ your buyers / clients need
>> Gives you ‘social proof’ via mention of milestones

Here are a few pointers on how to write a BOOM BOOM ‘About Us’ page for your site that makes you stand out, keeps your visitors hooked for more like a salivating fat kid to a cheesecake, and evokes in them desire to take action!

1. Your Value Proposition – Why should they consider your product?

2. The ‘What If’ – What if you could solve their problem with the product?

3. The Differentiator – Why are you unique? What makes you different?

4. Visual Appeal – Font, Colors, Spacing, Paragraphing etc. should be visually appealing and not a boring struggle!

5. Narrate a story – your story or a real life observation that the audience can relate to. It helps build trust, rapport and human-connection.

6. A Call to Action – Direct them to your opt-in page, or value oriented blog post + freebie, so they get a taste of the goodies you have to offer! Never direct to Sales Page. That is not what the About Us/Me section is about.

7. Proofread – If you mess this step up, you’ve messed up the entire page! Audiences are a very judgemental breed of people, they will assume you know nothing based on a single typo error!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your website’s About Us / Me page, drop your URL below and I’ll have a FREE look at it for diagnosis and suggestions on improvement.



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