As I look at the boom in Amazon sales over the last four or five years, it reminds me of Google’s growth.


As Google began its journey to becoming the number one search engine, website owners went absolutely crazy, to the point that they lost sight of one of the most vital pieces of any business – customer experience.


Unfortunately, I’m starting to see the same phenomenon occurring on Amazon today.


While you do need to incorporate keywords to tell Amazon what your product is about, you shouldn’t sacrifice ‘quality’. Humans also have to find ‘value’ in the copy you write before they will convert into customers.

Yes, having exceptional rankings on Amazon is a priority, but Amazon isn’t the one with a credit card in its hand – shoppers are!

When prospects scroll through the search results, they glance at the information including the title, image, price, and more. There has to be something there to capture attention or, with the swipe of a finger or click of a mouse, your listing will be out of view, never to be seen again. I call that ‘forgetful foolness’ in the Acepreneur world.

Even if you do get a click to your product listing, if your well-ranked page doesn’t offer solid details that “inform, entice, and persuade”, your sales will still be lacking.

There must be an even balance between “ranking criteria” and “customer experience”. In essence, you’re serving two masters: Amazon and shoppers. But the difference is that the latter of the two is the one paying for your product. Keep that in mind!

BLUNDER # 1 >> Keyword-stuffing titles <<

One of the biggest mistakes sellers make when writing Amazon listing copy is to simply stuff product titles with keywords. Yes, search terms are needed in your title, but titles that are difficult to read make shoppers stop and think.

You never want your prospects to be forced to figure out what you’re trying to say. Nobody likes a headache! The flow of the copy should be seamless and easy to read.

In the meanwhile, if you’d like me to evaluate your Amazon product listing for FREE, don’t hesitate to PM me and I’d be glad to have a look + provide suggestions for improvement from a persuasive copywriting standpoint 🙂

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